Alzheimer's Memory Care

Memory Support and Alzheimer’s Care

People with Alzheimer’s and similar types of memory impairment usually benefit from a structured routine and supportive social environment with individualized activities. At St. Vincent Rehabilitation and Nursing Center compassionate personalized care for individuals with Alzheimer’s or similar memory impairment is provided in a dedicated secure nursing environment. (specific to just 3 centers) People with Alzheimer’s disease and related disorders can feel more secure and comfortable when care is provided by a consistent team of care givers who understand the individual’s needs and can provide a consistent approach to providing care. Although Alzheimer’s disease is a progressive disease it is our goal to assist residents to maintain their highest level of functional independence.

We understand that families often go to great lengths to care for their loved ones with Alzheimer’s at home and we understand the physical and emotional stress can eventually overwhelm family care givers. We are always willing to talk with families about all their options before they urgently need to make a choice and invite family care givers to have a conversation with our professionals. 

Catholic Charities offers secure dedicated Memory Support and Alzheimer’s Care appropriate for individuals with Alzheimer’s disease at the following locations:

  • Mt. Carmel Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Manchester, New Hampshire
  • St. Vincent Rehabilitation and Nursing Center, Berlin, New Hampshire

Find more information about Alzheimer’s disease by visiting the Alzheimer’s Association web site.